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About Us

We are an experienced Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy working on the design of projects in a wide range of building sectors and industries with a project size ranging from just a few hundred pounds to multi-million-pound construction contracts. We actively engage in providing the most suitable design solution for any given contract with a focussed mindset on achieving the time, cost and quality constraints for any given project.

Using industry leading structural design software, we can design almost any structure and foundation system commensurate to your project requirements. We are also fully conversant in the design of structures to Eurocode design standards which allow further efficiencies to be realised with our ability to utilise complex analysis methods.

We have worked closely with some major construction contractors within a design and build procurement route. This has ensured that maximum efficiencies have been realised whilst maintaining the project specification. This has lead to impressive cost savings for numerous projects. We have also been successful in value engineering exercises with an approach that does not always involve 'best price' but does always provide 'best value' considering the projects time, cost and quality drivers.

We have also been involved in several projects under a construction management procurement route. This has been very successful in the construction of food and material production facilities where fast construction is imperative to enable production lines to come online as early as possible. This requires a well managed civil and structural design phase whereby early work pack deliverables can be phased accordingly.

We believe that offering continued support to our customers throughout the development process is extremely important and we will not end our services whilst the project is still ongoing. We strongly believe that any development our clients undertake usually involves significant financial commitment that requires expertise that they can rely on in order to achieve their project goals.

We also guarantee that any project, regardless of size, is given our full attention, we do not reduce our service for smaller projects, in fact some of our most rewarding work has been the involvement in small domestic extensions where our services have had a significant positive impact on the livelihoods of our clients.

We also place a strong emphasis on the development of future generations within the industry, our managing director being a reviewer for the Institution of Civil Engineers which includes the interviewing of potential chartered engineer applicants as they aim to become professionally qualified engineers.  We also have extensive experience in the mentoring of engineers and technicians over many years.